WestRock PMA Robot Palletisers

WestRock PMA Robot Palletisers are designed to meet modern factory automation production environments where space is a constraint and the need for potential future expansion is a consideration.

Benefits include: small footprint, low cost, high specification, modular expandability and fast payback.

WestRock PMA - KUKA Official System PartnerSmart software and robotic factory automation maximises production while reducing costly downtime and repurposes labour.

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Reliable, adaptable, accurate

WestRock PMA Robot Palletisers use efficient KUKA robot cells to perform almost any palletising process.

Our robot palletisers can lift and manoeuvre up to 1000kg of product with the same speed and precision as a 1kg product, without compromising on the accuracy of the movement.

The various end-of-arm-tooling styles, or end effectors, allow for a quick change over of palletising patterns, and numerous layer configurations.

Expandable, fast, flexible

When selecting a robot palletiser system, the pallet pattern, product type, product orientation, product speed and system layout, will all be factors needing attention to suit the application.

A single cell robot can operate at up to 20 cycles per minute, depending on product and gripper selection.

The products may be picked in multiples to achieve the required palletisation speeds in accordance with the pallet pattern. The basic gripper is a vacuum, rotating system, and other grippers are available.

WestRock PMA Compact Robot Palletiser Overview Image

High specification, modular, upgradable

The robotic palletiser machine’s modular construction will allow you to start with a compact cell which can be loaded and unloaded with a simple pallet truck.

The modular design allows conveyors, layer pad and pallet dispensers as required and ultimately, automatic stretch wrapping to be added.

Our Robotic palletisers can load both Chep and Euro pallets making it a superior integrated solution.

Safe, reliable performance

The secure robotic cell and safety guards reduce the risk of injuries and human error maximizing performance.

WestRock PMA pallet pattern software allows customers to easily configure their own pallet patterns.

WestRock PMA robot palletisers are UK designed and built for 24/7 operating environments, with full diagnostic system and Ethernet connectivity for remote support as standard.


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Features and Benefits

  • Compact design for small footprint production environments.
  • Low cost, high specification modular construction for future pallet and layer pad automation.
  • Hirel components from Rockwell / Siemens / Kuka partnership.
  • Simple and quick size change facility for faster set up times.
  • Simple, clear controls for ease of operator use and reduced downtime.
  • Clear guard panels for ease of production monitoring and safety.

Technical Specifications – Base Model

  • Speed: Up to 15 movements per minute
  • Axis: 3 or 4 axis of precision servo motion
  • Pallet sizes: Euro 800 mm x 1200 mm Chep 1000 mm x 1200 mm Half Pallets
  • Loaded Pallet height: Up to 1800mm standard (Including pallet)
  • Machine height: Product In feed – 500mm to 1500mm Pallet Out feed – Floor to 600mm Z Axis maximum height – To accommodate a standard Loaded pallet height of 1800mm Firm – Maximum height – 4200mm + Pallet out feed height Telescopic with Pallet Lift – Maximum height – 3200mm + Pallet out feed height
  • Power: 380-460V + or – 10%, 3 phase Neutral and Earth – 8KW
  • Air Supply: 5.5 Bar (80 Psi) – 20 to 100l/min depending on end effector selection
  • Net Weight: 1000kg
  • Specific components: Rockwell Controls (Allen Bradley), SMC Pneumatics
  • Colour: RAL 7035 Grey


  • Product in feed conveyors
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Layer pad store
  • Pallet store
  • Rockwell / Siemens controls
  • Low ceiling capability
  • Gripper and end effector variants

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