WestRock PMA Case/Carton Erectors

WestRock PMA CF range Case/Carton Erectors. These automatic case and carton erectors with tape and glue closure, with positive case opening are suitable for any application.

With an impressive output of up to 30 cartons per minute, a compact footprint and easy size change, you can expect an even faster payback on your investment.

Smart software and factory automation maximises production while reducing costly downtime and repurposes labour.

Plastic-free – WestRock PMA Case Erecting Machines erect Cases/Cartons using environment friendly, sustainable fluted card board materials making them ideal for reducing plastic packaging.
Case Erecting Machines | WestRock PMA CF 1000 G model Hot Melt Glue

Square Cases without jams

Square cases are the key to successful secondary packaging.

Square cases pack better, stack better and protect better. They provide the structural integrity to deliver the performance their designer intended.

Fact: Cases lose 30% of their stacking strength if their sides are not aligned.

There are barriers to erecting square cases – thinner corrugated, temperature and humidity changes and variations in case blanks can cause cases to be “unsquared” or lead to machine jams. WestRock PMA Case Erecting machines overcome these barriers through precise case management and 100% control of cases throughout the entire erecting process, ensuring your cases perform as designed and are produced with maximum efficiency.

How WestRock PMA Case Erecting Machines make Square Cases Everytime

From the moment a blank enters the magazine until it exits the case erector as a properly formed and bottom sealed case, it is under complete control.

A unique pickup frame pulls the case from the magazine and forces it to open so it is square. The flaps are folded before the case moves, making it rigid and locking in its “squareness”.

A pusher bar, parallel to the rear wall, delivers it to spring-loaded side belts, which move in or out to compensate for variations in width, and carry it over the sealing device.

WestRock PMA case erectors - perfect 90 degree square cases image
WestRock PMA case erector machine diagram

Precision + Control = Square Cases

Ergonomic Blank Loading

Easy to load magazine. Replenish blanks while case erecting machines operates. Simple and fast magazine adjustments.

Blank Delivery Control

Powered belts precisely govern the delivery speed of the case blanks. Blank retainers ensure the blanks are spaced correctly.

Blank Separation

Special separators release only the leading blank to the pickup frame and retain the following blanks.

Square Case Erecting

Six vacuum powered suction cups hold the blank in the correct position after it leaves the magazine. Both leading panels are held securely.

Stationary Flap Folding

Once the case is square, it remains square by folding the flaps while it’s stationary. This makes the case rigid and locks in the 90 degree angles.

Square Case Transition

A pusher bar, parallel to the rear wall of the case, pushes it into the sealing section where spring-loaded side belts automatically adjust for any width varia ons.

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Features and Benefits

  • Compact design for small footprint production environments
  • Multiple size case erectors
  • Low cost, high specification modular construction for future upgrades and specification changes
  • High reliability components from Rockwell / Siemens / Kuka partnership
  • Simple and quick size change facility for faster set up times
  • Simple, clear controls for ease of operator use and reduced downtime
  • Clear guard panels for ease of production monitoring and safety
  • 270° discharge choice
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote support

Standard Technical Specification

  • Machine Speed: Up to 30 cases per minute
  • Servo or Pneumatic Actuation
  • Large capacity board magazine options
  • HMI panel with touch screen for ‘recipe information system’
  • Table Top design
  • Discharge conveyer
  • Fully compatible with automatic tray loader


  • Speed variants from 10 to 30 cases per minute
  • Fefco board style variants
  • Oversized and undersized case variants
  • Extended board magazine

Board Specification

  • Case/Carton Styles: Fefco 0200, 0201 or HSC/RSC
  • Materials: B-flute, C-flute, E-flute or combination

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