WestRock PMA Case/Carton Closers

WestRock PMA automatic fluted cardboard case closing machines, with glue or tape closure are suitable for any application.

With an impressive output of up to 30 cartons per minute, a compact foot print and easy size change our case closing machines are suitable for any system providing you with an even faster payback.

Smart software and factory automation maximises production, while reducing costly downtime and repurposes labour.

Plastic-free – WestRock PMA case closing machines use environment friendly, sustainable fluted card board materials making them ideal for reducing plastic packaging.
WestRock PMA Automated Case Closing Machines Hot Melt Glue image
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WestRock PMA Carton Closers are designed to glue close pre-erected and loaded wraparound fluted cardboard style cases.

WestRock PMA Carton Closers come in a few different formats – for chocolate box type cartons we have single flap folder with glue closure, for wraparound style board we have three flap closure with glue closure.

WestRock PMA Case Closers are designed to glue close pre-erected and loaded wraparound style cases.

For RSC or Fefco 0201 style cases we have centrefold case closer machine, with either tape or glue closure or a random case size machine in the same format, suited to ecommerce and warehouse dispatch operations.

WestRock PMA random machine will take multiple sizes of RSC cases, fold and seal without the need for size changing. See also our warehouse dispatch automation section.

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Flexibility and future proofing

The WestRock PMA Carton Closer system design is modular to allow multiple variants with maximum flexibility.

Start with the individual machines to erect and close, with manual packing then add in a conveyor system with vision system and robotic pick and place to create a fully automatic system.

The machine frame and size are designed to suit your minimum and maximum carton sizes. Applications vary from production line applications to B2C single order dispatch from warehouses.

All our carton closing machines can be adapted to suit case size range.

Easy Access, Small footprint, Low Maintenance

As with all WestRock PMA machines they are designed to be as compact as possible, with easy access for operators.

With servo controls throughout, changeover times are cut to a minimum, generally less than 5 minutes with one operator, with complete repeatability to ensure vertical start up.

Machine speeds of up to 30 cartons per minute, depending on product being handled and size of carton. Our machines are designed with maintenance in mind and it is a priority to ensure that upkeep is simple, quick and easy.

The system is UK designed and built for 24/7 operating environments, with full diagnostic system and Ethernet connectivity for remote support as standard.

WestRock PMA case closer

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Features and Benefits

  • Compact design for small footprint production environments
  • Multiple size case erectors
  • Low cost, high specification modular construction for future upgrades and specification changes
  • High reliability components from Rockwell / Siemens / Kuka partnership
  • Simple and quick size change facility for faster set up times
  • Simple, clear controls for ease of operator use and reduced downtime
  • Clear guard panels for ease of production monitoring and safety
  • Environment friendly – erects cases/cartons using sustainable card board materials

Standard Technical Specification

  • Machine Speed: Up to 30 cases per minute
  • Standard Carton In feed height: 900mm
  • Standard Carton Out feed height: 400mm
  • Sample Power Consumption: 11Kw
  • Air Supply: 5.5bar, 1/2″ BSP connection
  • Net Weight: 500Kg
  • Specific Components: Rockwell/Siemens Controls
  • Colour: RAL 7035 Grey


  • Rockwell / Siemens Controls
  • Nordson / Preo or Melor Hot melt glue system
  • Inline and right angle discharge
  • Change part or adjustable forming tools
  • On demand multiple size tray forming
  • Conveyors
  • Automatic tray and carton Loading
  • Robotic tray and carton erecting and loading.

Board Specification

  • Carton Styles: Wraparound or pizza style cartons
  • Materials: Fibre board and fluted corrugate
  • Fefco Styles: Typically 0406, 0442 styles.

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