upgrade your existing machines to meet current safety regulations and replace obsolete controls and PLC’s and stay fully up-to-date with our Overhaul, Upgrade and Maintenance services.

At WestRock PMA Packaging Systems it is all about the customer.

Our service engineers perform routine maintenance on all of our machines, to ensure that your performance is optimised and you machine can operate 24/7 without interruption. This reliability minimises machine down time, maximising your profits.

Due to our new standardised machines, our services are fast and efficient, we can provide you with a wide range of services including; installations, integration, maintenance, machine breakdown, overhauls, upgrades, preventative maintenance, repairs and spares.

Our expert team have the confidence and expertise to assist customers with any make, model or type of packaging equipment. We strive to make the customer happy, and to enhance factory productivity.



upgrade your existing machines to meet current safety regulations and replace obsolete controls and PLC’s

Our services include:

  • Standard installation and commissioning of WestRock PMA Systems manufactured and Siat equipment
  • Customisation and bespoke upgrades of new WestRock PMA or Siat machines and/or assemblies to suit specific customer requirements
  • Bring existing machines into the 21st century and to meet current regulations
  • Upgrades to existing equipment – Safety, change of use, new assemblies, process improvements, reliability, removal of obsolescence, increased efficiency, future-proofing, sustainability
  • Refurbishments of existing equipment, major service, re-commissioning and improvements
  • Addition of Servo axes for greater product control in machines, replacing pneumatics or traditional methods
  • Software – PLC changes, code re-writes, modifications to existing, HMI replacements, additional functions etc
  • Project management and customer relations, support of equipment back into full service
  • Specialist knowledge of Rockwell control platforms, also proficient in Siemens and Mitsubishi – others on request
  • Other OEM end of line equipment, though we specialise in WestRock PMA, Siat machines.

PLC/HMI Upgrades

  • Design of new control systems to replace existing
  • Uploading of existing programs for backup/re-writing
  • Re-writing of new PLC and HMI code/programs to suit application
  • Addition of new hardware when available, Servos, inverter drives, encoder/analogue inputs etc for greater control of machines and to bring all elements integrated in one platform
  • On-site installation of new hardware to existing systems
  • Commissioning of machine back into service.

Safety upgrades

  • Design of new safety systems of existing machines to meet current regulations
  • Replacement of old type switches and single channel devices for new self-monitoring switches, including all field wiring
  • Addition of new safety relays for circuits, plus control wiring to suit existing panel requirements
  • Safety contactors added to power circuits to remove power source from outputs as required
  • Adding variable-frequency drives for motor control using safe torque-off functions
  • Replace on-machine components/assemblies for new as required
  • Light curtains installation and commissioning if required
  • Guard Logix processors if applicable
  • Pneumatic upgrade with twin solenoid self-monitoring dump valves to meet PLd.
  • Mechanical guarding designed and manufactured to suit each application as required
  • Any other mechanical requirement/machine changes to meet safety regulations
  • Full installation/commissioning on-site
  • SISTEMA reports completed to demonstrate safety performance level.


Ensure your machines are running at 100% at all times with a WestRock PMA Service Plan

WestRock PMA Packaging Systems can provide a preventative maintenance service plan tailored to your exact needs, with no upfront costs. Each 12 month service plan consists of:
  • Routine Preventive Service and Maintenance as per manufacturer’s recommendations, to be carried out at regular intervals for each machine listed.
  • Required Consumables listed for each machine will be provided and fitted as part of the service plan.
  • 10% Discount across the board on additional spare parts and labour rates in relation to the equipment listed.
For further information speak to our service team now on: +44 (0)1493 2570707 to benefit from our Preventative Service and Maintenance Plans. Terms and Conditions apply
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