Compact Shrink Wrap Machines

WestRock PMA Shrink Wrap machines – modular, expandable and reliable packaging shrink wrappers provide exceptional wrapping consistency at high speeds.

With an impressive output of up to 50 finished packages per minute and flexible configuration, our shrink wrappers can be adapted to suit any application.

WestRock PMA Shrink Wrap Machines can be either semi-automatic which require manual loading, or can form part of a fully automatic end of the line packing system.

semi-automatic shrink-wrapper image

Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap machines

WestRock PMA semi-automatic compact heat shrink wrap machines can be designed as standalone units to wrap products manually loaded into trays and hand fed.

WestRock PMA entry level pneumatic Shrink Wrap machines can run trayed and stable unsupported products, cartons, bags, bottles, aerosols and tubs to name but a few.

Fully Automatic Shrink Wrap machines

Fully automatic, servo compact Shrink Wrap machine with collators to suit the product to be run, simply feed the product on a conveyor and the machine will do the rest.

The servo systems can be adapted to run both shrink and stretch film. With a simple flick of a switch you can go from a shrink wrapped bulls eye sleeve, to a stretch wrapped bundle thereby reducing heat consumption.

Either way, the shrink tunnels are highly efficient with electronic temperature and speed control to ensure a good quality wrap every time.

automatic shrink-wrapper image

Options and Configuration

Automatic film splice can be added within either a space saving system, or a new easy thread option with retractable cradle rollers.

Other options are generally product specific and may include, indexing units, race tracks, scrolls, star wheels, tierers, dividers, water cooled guides, pack coolers, extended tunnels and aerosol safety specifications.

The modular design can also be configured to run fully enclosed wraps with side sealed ends, as the Binders style shrink wrapper, or as bags either shrink wrapped or simply film over wrapped as a weather proof protective bag for B2C, warehouse dispatch systems. The bagging option can be batch or random size fed to suit your specific requirements.

Optimize, Upgrade, Benefit.

WestRock PMA shrink wrap machines are UK designed and built for 24/7 operation in compact areas.

Combining with a WestRock PMA tray erector and loading system, or WestRock PMA tray wraparound system, will give you a fully automatic, shelf-ready  packaging SRP, FMCG solution.

Add on a palletiser and an automatic stretch wrapper and you have a complete transit-ready end of line system.

automatic shrink-wrapper collator trays image

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Features and Benefits

  • Compact Design
  • Easy access for operational and engineering functions
  • Flexible, expandable and adaptable for multiple product variants and collation sizes
  • Automatic collation systems for unsupported products
  • Fully integrated systems with tray erectors, loaders and palletisers from one source, all designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Integrated software solutions with data management and Ethernet connectivity for remote diagnostics
  • Shrink and Stretch wrap options on the same machine, for shrink wrap bulls eye presentation or just low energy transit stretch wrapping
  • Product tear strip for easy opening
  • Double insulated shrink tunnel for maximum heat retention
  • Easy menu driven controls for product selection, maintenance and fault finding purposes
  • UK engineering support.

Standard Technical Specification

  • Sealing jaw widths from 500 to 1000 mm
  • Cycle speed up to 30 wrapped bundles per minute, upgradable to box motion for increased throughput.
  • Entry level machines are pneumatic, upgradable to full servo drive systems
  • Temperature controlled sealing jaw with reversible Teflon sealing tips
  • Positive product drive through film web
  • Driven film feed rollers for optimum film usage and tension
  • Product support clamp during sealing cycle to optimize bag tightness
  • Low energy, twin fan shrink tunnel with variable speed, mesh conveyor.
  • Acrylic guard doors for optimum visibility and unimpeded access
  • Rockwell(Allen Bradley) or Siemens control systems
  • Touchscreen operator interface with management information and Ethernet connectivity for remote diagnostics.
  • Emergency stops and safety circuitry
  • Fully CE marked by UK manufacturer

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