Matrix Collator & Shrink Wrapper

Ideal for high volume production environments, producing cartons of fresh or frozen products

The innovative Matrix Shrink Wrapping machine can now produce a consistent output of up to 300 cartons per minute; that’s up to 60% more than any conventional machine in the market.

With cutting edge side-feed collating and consistently fast shrink wrapping capabilities, this machine is ideally suited for use in today’s high-volume production environments.



BirdsEye LogoDuring a recent size change parts upgrade, to accommodate new packaging marketing requirements for Birds Eye’s popular frozen, breaded chicken product range, the machine internal diagnostics counter read over 20.7 million collations, which totals over 145 million cartons.

“Installed late 2009, WestRock APS Matrix Collator/Shrink Wrapper has only needed minimal service and scheduled breaks in production,” said Tom Whatling, WestRock APS Technical Sales Manager.
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Speed, Precision, Efficiency
WestRock APS Matrix Collating & Shrink Wrapping for Frozen Cartoned Products image

WestRock APS Matrix | WestRock APS Matrix Collator & Shrink Wrapper ideal for Frozen Cartoned Products

The key to the exceptional performance of the Matrix shrink wrapping machines is a bespoke control system which incorporates a powerful programmable controller, a precision ten-axis servo system and energy-efficient variable speed drives. WestRock APS Systems has configured the servo system to operate as an electronic cam, which allows stresses on the cartons to be minimised, and which also facilitates rapid product changeovers that minimise machine downtime. Changeability to Save you Money A high output is by no means all that the innovative Matrix shrink wrapping machines have to offer. These machines can handle any cartoned products from frozen to chilled or ambient-temperature products, whilst providing multi-size collation capabilities. Equipped with fast, repeatable, one-touch size changing, only one Matrix machine is needed in many applications to handle the work which would normally require two machines of conventional design. The result is big savings in cost and in valuable factory floor space. Usability made Easy
Matrix Collate and Shrink Wrap Machine image

Matrix Collate and Shrink Wrap Machine with speeds up to 300 cartons per minute

Using the Matrix shrink wrapping machines is straightforward and convenient thanks to the provision of a colour touch-screen operator interface. This makes it easy for users to create product, batch and volume “recipes” which can then be selected simply by touching the screen. The interface also provides fast and easy access to current and historical production data, and to the machine’s powerful diagnostic functions. With password protection integrated into the HMI, the prevention of any tampering from un-trained sources is dealt with and only those with access to a login code can reach such data. Features & Benefits Machine Specification Options