Bespoke Automation, Packaging Machines and Systems

Knowledge and expert advise for bespoke automation packaging solutions. WestRock Packaging Machinery & Automation services include: consultation, design, manufacture, installation, control & safety and industry 4.0 upgrades.

Services include

  • Bespoke Automation Design and Manufacture
  • Integration and Installation
  • Refurbishment and Overhauls
  • HMI, Control and Safety Upgrades
  • Increase productivity through automation
  • Save on packaging material costs
  • Optimise labour productivity
  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Maximise profits
  • Future-proof your operations
  • Smart Factory – Industry 4.0 and IioT ready
  • Robotic packaging automation

Optimise machine productivity and performance for minimum downtime and maximum profit with WestRock Packaging Machinery & Automation engineering

WestRock Packaging Machinery & Automation Engineering Bespoke Automation has the confidence and expertise to assist customers with any make, model or type of end-of-line packaging equipment, to ensure that your factory productivity and performance is enhanced and machines are optimised to operate 24/7 without interruption.  We can provide you with a wide range of fast and efficient bespoke automation services including; installation, integration, refurbishment, overhauls, upgrades, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, machine breakdown, repairs and spares. Machine refurbishment – value for money through ‘sweating assests’ is currently a widely chosen option. WestRock PMA Engineering enables you to benefit from the many cost and time savings that existing machine refurbishment can offer. We can provide a full report, detailing all required updates and recommended ugrades required to fully refurbish your machines to better than new state. Speak to us today for a free assessment of your current machines and lines.


Our experienced engineers have the confidence and expertise to assess and determine potential machine malfunctions quickly and accurately. For existing customers WestRock Packaging Machinery & Automation engineers can use our remote diagnostic programs and ethernet connectivity for remote support, which allows many issues to be resolved without an engineer call-out.


WestRock PMA Engineering always prioritise the safety of our customers. Our engineers document extensive risk assessments of all machinery and parts handled by WestRock Packaging Machinery & Automation to promise our customers high quality, safe solutions. All our machinery and equipment is designed, manufactured and quality checked to the highest specification, ensuring that you always have the highest quality machinery.


WestRock Packaging Machinery & Automation quick and efficient implementation of project plans ensures that all our customer receive the best care and service possible. Our engineers plan projects around your timeline to ensure that machine downtime is reduced to a minimum.


Quality Control of all WestRock Packaging Machinery & Automation Engineering projects is completed to the highest possible standard. This is to ensure that our customers receive all the benefits of our first-class machinery and solutions at competitive and affordable prices.

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Overhauls and Upgrades

WestRock PMA Engineering offer a wide range of machine overhauls and upgrades. These include both safety upgrades to ensure machinery is up to date with packaging machine regulations and program updates.

  • Design of new safety systems to meet current regulations
  • Replacement of old type switches and single channel devices for new self-monitoring switches, including all field wiring
  • Addition of new safety relays for circuits, plus control wiring to suit existing panel requirements
  • Safety contactors added to power circuits to remove power source from outputs as required
  • Adding variable-frequency drives for motor control using safe torque-off functions
  • Replace on-machine components/assemblies for new as required
  • Light curtains installation and commissioning
  • Pneumatic upgrade with twin solenoid self-monitoring dump valves to meet PLd.
  • Mechanical guarding designed and manufactured to suit each application as required
  • Any other mechanical requirement/machine changes to meet safety regulations
  • Full installation/commissioning on-site
  • SISTEMA reports completed to demonstrate safety performance level.


  • Design of new control systems to replace existing
  • Uploading of existing programs for backup/re-writing
  • Re-writing of new PLC and HMI code/programs to suit application
  • Addition of new hardware when available, Servos, inverter drives, encoder/analogue inputs etc for greater control of machines and to bring all elements integrated in one platform
  • On-site installation of new hardware to existing systems
  • Commissioning of machine back into service
  • Elesa® Wireless spindle positioning indicator system.


For Better Than New State Machines

WestRock Packaging Machinery & Automation Engineering provides many cost effective solutions, however some of our most successful solutions come from the refurbishment of old machines.

Refurbishing machinery dramatically reduces the cost as the fundamental components are present. WestRock PMA experienced engineers can bring old, worn out packaging machinery back into prime running condition.


Smooth and efficient integration is integral to the values of WestRock Packaging Machinery & Automation Engineering, we pride ourselves on our professional integrations and customer service.

At WestRock Packaging Machinery & Automation we listen to the wants of our customers and work with them to integrate machines and solutions into their existing production lines to ensure an effortless product transition.


WestRock Packaging Machinery & Automation Engineering revolves around customer service and fulfilling customer requirements and specifications.

To accommodate this all our installations are bespoke and tailored to the needs of each individual customer.


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