Semi-Automated Packaging for Contract Packing

WestRock Packaging Machinery & Automation labour saving semi-automatic re-packing solutions for Contract Packing and 3PL companies.

Unload bulk products using automation, then manually load mixed-case or multi-packs and finally re-package using end of line packaging automation.

WestRock Packaging Machinery & Automation Repack Packing Automation solutions are designed for Contract Packing and 3PL companies requiring part automation to replace labour intensive start and end of line procedures of re-packing with automation. Start of Line: De-palletisers automatically unwrap, split and unload bulk product items, and place in required format to conveyors or stations for manual re-packing. End of Line: Once re-packed, the cases are passed to automated end of line, closing, sealing, wrapping and palletising ready for final dispatch.
Contract Packing Automatic Loading Line Image

The NEW WestRock PMA PS100 packing station is a cost effective packing solution ideal for small and medium sized businesses looking to increase production speeds.

The WestRock PMA PS100 is semi-automatic machine that first erects cases and supports while being manually loaded. Each case is then pushed by the operator into extended side belts and folding mechanisms, then through bottom (and top if required) tape heads creating an accurately sealed and closed box every time ready for dispatch.

A semi-automatic packing station with case erecting and tape sealing applications

The compact footprint of the WestRock PMA PS100 makes it ideal for integration into existing factory and warehouse dispatch lines.

More about the PS100 Packing Station

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