WestRock TFP750 Huegli Tray Erector

How our Tray Erector solution took a client’s shelf-ready packaging to new heights

Our client is a long-term customer who we’ve been working with for many years. They are one of Europe’s leading food manufacturers, and they attribute their outstanding growth as a company to using state-of-the-art equipment to achieve ultimate production efficiency. They are focused on innovation, and over the course of our long relationship, we have developed a great rapport with each other. As a result, our client trusts WestRock to deliver the creative solutions they need because they know we understand their business and the pressures they’re facing to stay at the top of their industry.

The Challenge

Our client had just won a new tender for their factory and wanted a reliable machine to produce shelf-ready packaging (SRP) for their extensive range of products. We had previously supplied them with an earlier model Tray Erector and they were delighted with the results. However, on this occasion, they required a machine with a higher-than-normal outfeed working height that could consistently produce robust, shelf-ready packaging under 24/7 high demand. After all, if the packaging is going to stand out amongst the other products on the shelf, it doesn’t just have to look eye-catching, it also has to provide excellent product protection and ease of use.

Our Solution

After listening carefully to everything our client required and discussing the numerous options available, we decided that the TFP750 Tray Erector offered the best solution to meet their needs. The TFP750 is a pneumatic Tray Erector that has the capability of erecting board blanks up to a size of 750mm x 750mm. It closes the trays using a hot melted glue system and can produce up to 20 cartons per minute, although our client’s machine was set to run at 15 CPM.

In order to meet our client’s most pressing challenge – that they required a higher-than-normal outfeed height – we designed a bespoke swan neck belt conveyor to move the packaging safely and securely between floor level and box handling height. The swan neck belt conveyor was customised to meet the unique specifications of our clients and quickly achieved the increased discharge working height.

The TFP750 Tray Erector is also future proof, as are all the Tray Erectors in WestRock’s range. Its high-specification modular construction means it can be easily modified for future upgrades and spec changes, and it is available with an array of different options including changepart or adjustable forming tools and automatic or robotic tray/carton loading and closing.

You can find out more about WestRock’s formidable Tray Erector range here: www.westrock.com/automation-uk/

If you want to improve the speed, efficiency and quality of your shelf-ready packaging (while keeping the costs low and productivity high), or if you have any packaging problem that requires an innovative automated solution, don’t hesitate to give our expert team a call on 01493 257070 or email

More information about our Tray Erectors:

Westrock’s range of high-performance Tray Erectors is designed to suit any application. They have a compact footprint (which was also important to our client) and every model can produce high walled trays, low walled trays, or shelf-ready trays in a variety of different styles and materials. They are exceptionally easy to operate via touchscreen controls and, once the controls are set, they only require the minimum in human supervision or assistance. That means the ongoing cost savings are significant, and workers can be repurposed to other parts of the operation.

Our Tray Erectors are perfect for high-output 24/7 operations that demand speed and reliability with optimum efficiency. They have a full onboard diagnostic system that allows the user to identify and correct most issues before they even occur, thereby avoiding costly downtime and lost productivity. Also, the touchscreen’s quick size change facility means product sizes can be altered at the touch of a button. On average, it takes just five minutes to set up between products. Ethernet connectivity is also provided as standard so we can immediately give remote support whenever required.