WestRock C-2000T Case Erectors Case Study

How WestRock innovation stopped our customers competitors from boxing them in!

A package isn’t just a container that holds a product and keeps it safe until your customer buys it. A package is a combination of design, storytelling, and high-quality construction that entices your customer to pick it up off the shelf. Our client is an industry leader with a long history of producing award-winning packaging solutions for many of the world’s best-known brands. They are renowned for their innovation and technical expertise, as well as for giving their clients superior service and a genuine competitive advantage. They look for the same qualities in the suppliers they work with, which is why they have worked with us for many years. When they were recently under pressure to streamline their operation without compromising speed, quality or efficiency, they asked WestRock to make it happen. It is a challenge we were ready to accept.

The Challenge

It doesn’t matter how successful you are; your competitors will always be snapping at your heels. On this occasion, our customer’s competitor was trying to lure our customer’s buyers away with the promise of lower-cost packaging production.

Our client urgently needed to reduce costs and increase efficiency so they could remain competitive and retain their clients. They had already identified that case erection was their biggest concern because it was high volume and very labour intensive. They wanted to find a solution that addressed this issue and reduced their reliance on manual labour, so they could repurpose staff onto other parts of the production line, while still maintaining continuous production.

Due to the different layouts of their production lines, our client required two Case Erector machines with different handling capabilities. However, floor space was at a premium, so both machines had to fit into a very limited area. Finally, because this challenge was extremely cost-sensitive, our client needed the lowest cost / highest quality option possible so they could defeat their competition while still exceeding their client’s expectations.

Our Solution

All WestRock Case Erector machines have 100% control of cases throughout the entire case erecting process, eliminating the possibility of machine jams and ensuring that every carton is optimally strong, secure and stackable.

After discussing the customer’s requirements and asking about both their current and anticipated future demand, we thought two WestRock PMA C-2000T Case Erectors would be the perfect solution.

Our C-2000T has a compact footprint and can continuously produce up to 25 cartons per minute. It is fully automated and only requires the minimum of human assistance, which means valuable staff can be repurposed elsewhere. The magazine is simple to load, and new blanks can be added while the machine operates, ensuring production continuity. A unique pick-up frame lifts the blank into the machine and locks it into position while the case is built, avoiding jams and guaranteeing a perfectly square, rigid case every time. The onboard controls are easy to operate, and only a quick adjustment is required to change carton sizes. A highly visible beacon mounted on top of the machine indicates the machine’s status, so people on the factory floor can instantly see what’s happening with the machine without having to stop what they’re doing to check it.

To meet their dual production requirements, we offered the client one C-2000T with an in-line feed and another C-2000T with a standard 90° magazine.

Before installing the machines on-site, we undertook extensive Factory Appliance Testing (FAT) to address any possible issues and make sure the C-2000T would meet the client’s objectives.

The Result:

Our client was very happy with the whole process, including the FAT, the installation, and the commissioning. They were able to re-assign labour to other jobs and instantly increased their line efficiency. This increase in efficiency, together with the considerable cost savings the C-2000T machines are giving them, has meant they have retained their clients, beating out their competition. They are so delighted that they are currently looking at automating other packaging processes within their factory.
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