Sweet refurbishment for Duerr’s

WestRock PMA Engineering has done it again, providing Duerr’s with a refurbished Shrink Wrap machine that runs quickly and efficiently, at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

F. Duerr & Sons Ltd, Peanut Butter chooses WestRock PMA for refurbished shrink wrapper.F. Duerr & Sons Ltd, based in Manchester, an order with WestRock PMA Packaging Systems for a refurbished shrink wrapper. Duerr’s Jam is the oldest family owned jam maker in England, with secret family recipes dating back 135 years. The Duerr’s name is the UK’s oldest preserves producers, with their production of conserves, jams, peanut butters, and classic condiments only increasing. WestRock PMA were proud to be chosen for the supply of a used, refurbished shrink wrapper. WestRock PMA Engineering department took on the job of updating the used machine beginning with an assessment of the upgrades needed to get the machine back to optimum production. The machine has been fully installed and integrated into Duerr’s new peanut butter manufacturing line. It has the capability of shrinking trays of 2 x 5 peanut butter containers at speeds of up to 15 trays per minute.
“Purchasing refurbished machines, like the Duerr’s shrink wrapper, is a great way to cut costs without compromising on the speed, efficiency or quality of the product.” says Tom Whatling, WestRock PMA Technical Sales Manager. Tom Whatling continues: “The price of these machines is largely reduced as there’s no need to buy in some of the expensive structural and fundamental components. However, there are only so many old machines appropriate for refurbishment, so it’s largely about finding them when you can.”
The shrink wrapper had a replacement infeed conveyor and bespoke product pusher installed, along with the upgrade of the machine sealing jaw assembly and PLC controller. This was to maintain an up-to-date machine specification and control system, and supply a safety circuit which complies with the machinery directive and associated health and safety requirements. Linkx_Deurrs Shrinkwrapper refurbishment AfterWestRock PMA also installed a new film feed system which uses 75% less electrical power than the original system, as well as removing the need for compressed air. Duerr’s chose the option of installing the machine with a greater film control to the sealing jaw, which now uses inverters to run the machine film at an optimum speed. The trays are passed via a conveyor, pushed into the film which is sealed and cut to the appropriate sleeve. The trays then pass through the heat tunnel which shrinks the film. This protective film prepares each unit for transition in its shelf-ready form. Talk to WestRock PMA today to find out how a shrink wrapper can improve your packaging automation 01502 713777 | contact