WestRock PMA build two oversized tray erector machines for Jack Brand

Two larger than standard, oversized tray erector machines have been designed, built and installed for Jack Brand.

Each machine can erect up to 17 1000mm² board blanks per minute, bringing fresh automation benefits to the family-owned business.

WestRock PMA TFP1000 is the first oversized tray erector of this size. The machine has a vertical magazine, meaning it is still compact even though the size of the frame is large. Jack Brand required oversized tray erector machines specifically designed for the erection of large lids and trays. Board material is a thin, sturdy cardboard with a wax coating, which applies additional weight on the machine. The boards were too heavy for the tray loader to hold firmly, to overcome this, four inserts were engineered. These inserts allow heavier boards to be held firmly, without disrupting the suction cups that pull the boards into the former.

Jack Brand is a family business through and through.

WestRock PMA oversized tray erector for Jack Brand Ltd LogoFirst founded in 1908 by Agnes Brand, the company began by packing chicken eggs and distributing them to the public and now Agnes’s great-granddaughter is one of the directors. When they combined this with the skill of Agnes’s husband, a skilled butcher, they began to build a company that produced both eggs and poultry products. Moving finally from eggs and poultry to just the production of chicken meat. One of the current directors is the great-granddaughter of Agnes, and she continues to maintain the company values.

WestRock PMA innovative tray erectors offer exceptional consistency, compact footprint, easy size changes and outstanding speeds. The range of WestRock PMA tray erectors are reliable and suitable for any factory automation setting. The success of the Jack Brand machines means there are more possibilities for companies wanting to automate their process, but have larger trays unsuitable for current standard tray erectors. Find out how a WestRock PMA tray erector can improve your productivity and packaging automation +44 (0)1502 713777