Matsmart chooses WestRock PMA Boxsizer Technology

Matsmart chooses WestRock PMA Boxsizer® Technology

Boxsizer® is proving the perfect solution for businesses looking to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Boxsizer technology is the only stand-alone, random box footprint machine designed specifically for ecommerce packing machine for multiple items eCommerce warehouse packaging automation.

With ongoing increases in shipping, warehousing and environmental costs, companies are turning to WestRock PMA Systems Boxsizer® to reduce costs, maximise productivity and improve environmental credentials by reducing packaging waste. A recent Boxsizer® success story is Matsmart, one of Sweden’s leading distributors of online groceries, a company committed to the reduction of waste. Matsmart handles a high number of orders distributing products across Sweden.
Matsmart chooses WestRock PMA Boxsizer technologyMartin Johannesson, CSCO, Matsmart comments: “Boxsizer® now provides us with the flexibility required to distribute multiple, random sized orders automatically, while packaging savings show a 20% volume reduction per box and 85% infill reduction, which means not only are we saving money, but more importantly, we are much kinder to the environment by not only using less material but also reaching a higher filling ratio on outbound transports. That saves the environment.”
David Hayward, MD, WestRock PMA says: “BoxSizer® is a real, proven, game changer for eCommerce and warehouse shipping companies such as Matsmart. We have designed and developed  Boxsizer® over 5 years specifically for warehouse dispatch fulfilment, where random, single, multiple item or grouped goods need to be packaged or re-packed automatically into multiple footprint boxes for dispatch. Boxsizer® will maximise return on investment year on year and reduce your transport costs and overall carbon footprint.”
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