WestRock PMA step out of their comfort zone to take on the ‘tin taper’


Siat.co.uk and WestRock PMA Engineering, subsidiaries of WestRock PMA Packaging Systems, collaborate and step out of their usual standard machines to take on a Tin Taper.

Siat.co.uk took on the conversion of a SM11/4 and an S8/4, two standard case closing machines, and transformed them into an efficient Tin Taper with speed capabilities of up to 12 tins per minute. The modification of the two machines involved adapting the top runs of tape to be 90 degrees out of phase, producing a criss-cross taping on the top of each tin. The two tape heads are positioned inline leaving the conveyor belt systems to adjust the tin position.
“Although the ‘Tin Taper’ isn’t our usual sort of project, the WestRock PMA Engineers have enjoyed the challenge of modifying and combining these two Siat machines to create something new and efficient.” says Tom Whatling, WestRock PMA Technical Sales Manager.
The Tin Taper machine works by running the tins to the first tape head, via side conveyors, where the first piece of tape is applied. One side of the conveyor then slows down automatically, depending on the size of the tin, which forces the tin to turn by 90 degrees. The tin is then passed under the second tape head which lays the second strip of tape. The original roller conveyor on the two machines has been removed and replaced with a dead plate conveyor, allowing for a smooth transition between tape heads. The end product is a securely tapped tin, which dramatically reduces the risk of spillage and damage whilst the product is in transit. With an easily adjustable width and height the machine can efficiently run three sizes of tins, with minimal downtime, and all with precise efficiency due to the side belt drive which allows for accurate positioning. The original Siat Case Closers are flap closing machines with side flap plough and a product centring feed providing efficient and precise tape positioning. Like all of Siat’s machinery the SM11/4 and the S8/4 are both designed with maximum safety and durability in mind. Their extremely small footprints make them ideal for integration.

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