Grace Foods tall Tray Erector order is no problem


Grace Foods have ordered another Pneumatic Tray Erector from WestRock PMA Packaging Systems this time with extended height to suit their existing factory line.

WestRock PMA have adapted the height of their standard Pneumatic Tray Erector to suit Grace Foods’ existing factory line. The machine has been modified to include an extra plinth which raises the machine height to comply with the company’s tall one meter conveyor height. Grace Foods Brand Logo®After the success of the WestRock PMA VE500 Pneumatic tray erector, which was installed into Grace Foods in 2015, Grace didn’t hesitate to choose WestRock PMA again. Grace’s new Tray Erector, the TFP500, is the next generation VE500 making it completely compatible and ideal for side by side production. Grace Foods is one of the UK’s favourite manufacturers of Caribbean food and drink. The company distribute a diverse and authentic range of products around the UK including, sauces, tropical drinks, and a range of Caribbean recipes. The WestRock PMA machine has been designed to erect small trays of three varying sizes, to suit Grace Foods’ range of exotic spices. The trays are erected by a pneumatic ‘puncher’ maximising the machines speed. The TFP500 Tray Erector, which has been installed into Grace Foods, is a high performance tray erector machine which can run at speeds of up to 24 trays per minute and seals trays with an Italian Preo glue system.
WestRock PMA Pneumatic Tray Erector Machine Image

WestRock PMA Pneumatic Tray Erector has three tray size capabilities with easy changeover technology.

“This standard machine has been modified to suit the specific needs of Grace Foods, including a multiple size changeover and increased machine height. “Due to the standard specification, the machine has been designed and manufactured in a small space of time allowing Grace Foods to have the first class machines installed and experience the benefits in a matter of months.” says David Hayward, Managing Director of WestRock PMA Packaging Systems. The machine has three tray size capabilities with easy changeover technology. This, combined with the simple controls system, dramatically reduces the company’s downtime when changing products. The pneumatic tray erector’s vertical board magazine helps to reduce the machine size and allows for more blanks to be loaded at one time. The compact footprint is ideal for introducing into a pre-existing line as it takes up little space and reduces the need for warehouse repositioning.

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