Carry me back to Ol’ Virginia

Fareva Richmond has another WestRock PMA Tray Erector and Tray Loader integrated into their existing manufacturing line situated in their USA branch in Virginia, in order to reduce machine downtime.

Fareva Richmond WestRock PMA Tray ErectorFareva Richmond is one of the world’s leading subcontractors in the Industrial, Household, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals fields. They manufacture and develop products for other companies, so they’re ready to be placed on the common market. The WestRock PMA Tray Erector and Tray Loader have a future proof design and have been fully installed into Fareva Richmond’s existing factory line. Due to the multiple products Fareva produce, the Tray Erector and Tray Loader had to be designed with versatility and futureproof technology in mind. WestRock PMA Packaging Systems have designed, manufactured and supplied a comprehensive support system for the two machines, helping Fareva to maintain a futureproof factory line with excellent machine speed and efficiency, as well as, year-round service and support. “All our machines at WestRock PMA can be fully integrated into an existing factory or dispatch line, with the potential for future upgrades. The Tray Erector and Tray Loader will make great additions to Fareva’s current Virginia branch.” says David Hayward. The TFS500 Tray Erector by WestRock PMA Packaging Systems, which has been installed into Fareva, is a high performance tray erector machine which can run at speeds of up to 24 trays per minute and seals trays with an Italian Preo glue system. It has three tray size capabilities with easily adaptable size changeovers, reducing the company’s downtime when changing tray sizes. The TLS500 Tray Loader is a first class loader machine which has been designed for the loading of aerosol cans, with speed capabilities of up to 200 cans per minute, the equivalent of 33 trays. This is to keep up with Fareva’s high production speeds, increasing the overall efficiency of the factory line. WestRock PMA Packaging Systems have a versatile range of standard packaging machinery and equipment suitable for shelf-ready and distribution factory lines. All of which can be adapted to the individual needs of existing factory lines. View the WestRock PMA Packaging Tray Erector range.

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