Extra small case sealers for Pascalle Cosmetics

WestRock PMA Systems pave the way for extra small case sealers

WestRock PMA have made a breakthrough, modifying a Siat case sealer to seal minimum carton widths of 45mm, a potential first for the packaging industry.

Extra small case erector for small boxes 1inch tape WestRock PMA Systems, have modified a standard SIAT S8/4 case sealer to seal to a minimum width of 45mm providing a solution for packaging automation for businesses with small products. This modification provides companies with small cartons an affordable option which allows for packaging labour reduction and direct shipment for B2C. Pascalle Cosmetics welcomed the Siat semi-automatic case sealer into their production line to boost efficiency and reduce labour costs. The case sealer had several modifications to make it suitable for Pascalle’s small product requirements. One of these modifications was the tape. The top and bottom K11/30 tape heads supplied with the machine run a 2-inch (50.8mm) tape as standard, which was wider than the case being sealed. To overcome this, WestRock PMA are able to supply 1-inch (25.4mm) tape which was a suitable strength and specification for the machine and have utilised the K25 2” tape heads. The actual machine itself was then modified. The side belts had to be adjusted to go narrow enough to hold the box. This was the most complex part of the modification due to the small size of the case. This was a time-consuming task that took care and patience of the experienced engineers from Siat.co.uk. But the patience and care paid off as the machine began to consistently run the small cases leaving them with a perfect seal each time. The semi-automatic machine works alongside an operator who manually closes the flaps and pushes the case through the machine. The machine has side drive belts on both sides which pull the case through a top and bottom tape head. The tape heads provide a full and secure seal over the case flaps allowing for a firmly sealed case. Pascale-Cosmetics logo Pascalle Cosmetics are a leading UK based manufacturer of colour cosmetics and personal care products. They have huge manufacturing capabilities of up to 900,000 units per week making them a great partner for small independent brands as well as high street retailers.

The New Siat.co.uk S8/4*45* is available now for taping of cases down to 45mm wide.

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