Ideal tray erector solution for Ideal Boilers


Ideal-Boilers-Logo all rights reservedWestRock PMA Packaging Systems have done it again. They’ve designed, manufactured and installed a crash lock tray erector at Ideal Boilers warehouse in Kingston upon Hull.

Ideal Boilers wanted a crash lock tray erector that could boost production without having to replace all of their existing, hand erected, crash lock trays. This didn’t faze WestRock PMA Packaging Systems who took on the challenge and adapted their standard TFP1000 Tray Erector and redesigned the machine’s program to combat the self-sealing trays, which included removing all of the original hot melt glue sealing elements. Ideal Boilers supply and install reliable combi boilers, heat only boilers and system boilers. They also provide on-site customer and training and a wide range of warranty options throughout the UK. The TFP1000 Tray Erector has been installed into Ideal Boilers pre-existing production line where trays were previously hand erected at speeds of 1 per minute. This WestRock PMA tray erector can erect up to 15 trays per minute, however this speed was reduced for Ideal Boilers current production capacity but has options for the speed to be increased at a later date making it an ideal future-proof investment for the company. The design of the TFP1000 is compact making it easy to integrate into current factory lines, particularly those with strict space constraints. It has quick and easy size change facilities making it perfect for multiple product despatch.
WestRock PMA Crash Lock Tray Erector for Ideal Boilers image

WestRock PMA Automatic Crash Lock Tray Erector for Ideal Boilers

The machine uses pneumatic technology to erect trays with a bottom glue seal for secure and strong construction. However, due to Ideal Boilers choice of crash-lock trays, the hot glue element on this machine was completely removed and the machine’s production programs reconfigured. The machine is also fully equipped with low board sensors which indicate when the board magazine should be reloaded. These feature dramatically reduce the machine downtime allowing for a smooth and efficient 24/7 factory operation. As a WestRock PMA machine, WestRock PMA Packaging Systems are able to give Ideal Boilers full service and breakdown support with options for service contracts which involve preventative maintenance, yearly check-ups and a discount on machine spares. View the WestRock PMA Packaging Tray Erector range.

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