Case closed, erected and sealed for GA Pet Foods


WestRock PMA Packaging Systems’ Random Case Erector Closer prove the perfect choice for GA Pet Foods, to help increase the efficiency of the Pet Food Group’s newly installed complete despatch line.

GA Petfood Partners LogoGA Pet Foods pride themselves on their vision of partnership. They’re a private, family owned business who work alongside some of the biggest, and the smallest pet food retailers in the world. They look for continuous investment into the industry, using a system of concept, launch, store and despatch and prompt pet food entrepreneurs to enter business with them. Due to the wide range of pet foods and products that GA Pet Foods distribute from their Lancashire warehouse, it was specified that their new system should be able to erect, close and seal a variety of incoming case footprint sizes at high speed, and have quick and easy size change facilities to handle incoming random footprint boxes with minimum downtime in production with minimal downtime during size tooling changes.
WestRock PMA certainly delivered, with simple controls and easy access for operators, the size changeover time can be cut to a minimum, often taking less than 5 minutes for a single operator to swap the change parts and run a different sized product.
WestRock PMA Random Case Erector Closer perfect choice for GA Pet Foods The proven multiple size Case Erector designed and manufactured by WestRock PMA, uses a vacuum cup system to pick the case from a vertical feed magazine carriage. The case is then folded and sealed at the bottom, using a Preo glue system, as the back flaps fold the bottom of the case whilst pushing it on to the conveyor for product loading and finally closing and sealing by a WestRock PMA Random Case Closer. The Random Case Closer was specifically developed to automatically close and seal the filled cases at varying heights, depending on product within. It uses an automatic closing and taping head to close and tape seal the top of each incoming random multiple size footprint and height boxes.

Thanks to the compact design and footprint of the two WestRock PMA machines they were easily integrated into GA Pet Foods existing despatch line and are now operating at 100% efficiency.

By choosing WestRock PMA Packaging Systems, GA Pet Foods also have access to all-year-round service and support from WestRock PMA’s experienced engineers to ensure the machines are running to full efficiency with yearly check-ups.