Gantry palletiser provides the perfect performance

WestRock PMA Packaging systems have recently installed one of their best-selling gantry palletisers into a leading wine distributors warehouse.

The major global wine business have operations across the world including; North America, South Africa, Ireland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the UK. 
WestRock PMA Systems Gantry Palletiser image

WestRock PMA Systems Gantry Palletiser – worth its weight in gold

The company was originally founded in 1853, and now the company sells its products in over 100 countries. They required a machine that would maintain the company’s fast production and distribution speeds, whilst increasing efficiency and reducing costs. This was followed by a specification for the machine to arrange products of nine varying sizes, from 82 mm x 140 mm up to a size of 300 mm x 370 mm. This was no big challenge for WestRock PMA Packaging Systems, who provided the company with multiple gripper heads to cater for the diverse product sizes. The gantry palletiser is a compact, flexible machine with future proof technology. It comes with full diagnostic software and Ethernet connectivity for quick, and easy diagnostics. Its user friendly operating system allows the wine distributors to easily program the machine to perform different orientations, configurations and pallet patterns. This is a huge benefit to the company who are looking for minimum down time on their 24/7 production line. This Gantry Palletiser can perform up to 10 movements per minute, and the flexible gripper heads allow the palletiser to pick up multiple products. This has dramatically increased both the speed and precision with which the company now pack the pallets. This in turn has reduced, transportation, storage and labour costs.
“We worked hard on the Gantry Palletiser, to make sure it was exactly what the company wanted,” says David Hayward, Managing Director at WestRock PMA Packaging Group, “The wide variety of product types and pallet patterns made this gantry palletiser unique. The machine is the perfect addition to the wine distributors repack operation, and it is maximising the company’s distribution speeds, providing them with a fast payback.”
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