BoxSizer® reduce dispatch costs

BoxSizer® is an eCommerce automated packaging system designed to reduce warehouse dispatch costs. 

WestRock PMA Systems BoxSizer® is the only stand-alone machine that downsizes multiple footprint corrugated boxes on-demand, reducing volumetric dimensional weight (DIM weight), to save on materials, labour and transportation costs.

BoxSizer® maximises cost savings year-on-year, proven typical savings are:

  • 30% average volume reduction
  • 80% reduction of excess packaging void infill
  • 50% typical reduction in required labour
  • Typical ROI is 6-12 months
Savings based on dispatch volumes of 1 million boxes per year.


  • Package multiple items – ecommerce packing machine for multiple items
  • Maximise your labour usage – keep labour to packing only – let automation do the rest
  • Use MULTIPLE footprint standard HSC or RSC 0200/0201 
  • Improve package presentation through automation
  • Improve returns – use boxes that are easy to open and return
  • Data to monitor and improve performance – BoxSizer® will integrate into your WMS

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