Volumetric weight – How understanding it can save you money

How understanding volumetric weight can save you money
15/10/2017 by Oren | UNICARGO

What’s volumetric weight? How do you calculate it? How can knowing the ins and outs of modern shipping practices save your business a little – or a ton – of money?

Let’s explore.

When shipping overland or air, volume and weight must be carefully calculated to reliably forecast volumetric weight shipping costs. To determine how much can be shipped profitably, in a given airplane or truck, couriers and airlines require a standard system. The concept is simple: multiply a package’s length, height, and width measurements, then divide by a number. Known in the industry as the “DIM factor.” The actual DIM factor used varies by company. The result? Your package’s “volumetric weight”, or “dimensional weight”. Read full article published 15/10/2017 by Oren | UNICARGO

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