Linkx NEW TFT500 Tapered Tray Erector

Erects small 4-corner tapered trays for produce such as fruit, mushrooms, berries and herbs etc.

Cardboard Tapered Tray Erector image

Linkx NEW TFT500 Tray Erector machine erects small 4-corner tapered cardboard trays for produce such as fruit, mushrooms, berries and herbs etc.

The TFT500 Tapered Tray Erector Former will automatically erect and form tapered trays from cardboard/cartonboard/e-flute blanks.

TFT500 then stacks the open tapered produce trays, in desired format, with its integrated stacker ready for loading.

Easy tooling changes allows TFT500 to erect tapered open produce trays of varying heights and sizes.

TFT500’s automatic stacker can be omitted to suit production requirements.

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The war on plastic continues…

Linkx Tray Erector Former range imageLinkx Packaging Systems is continually looking to find ways to replace existing plastic packaging with environment friendly cardboard alternatives.

For fruit and mushrooms packaged in plastic ‘punnet’ style packaging. Linkx is now able to offer an alternative to plastic with Tapered Cardboard Trays.

A wide range of tray sizes can be formed from cardboard blanks to suit the product being packaged.

If you looking to reduce plastic packaging from your production line, Linkx bespoke packaging automation design team may be able to offer a solution.

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