Industrie 4.0 we’re ready

Industrie 4.0 we’re ready – maximise your productivity with packaging automation

Packaging automation and Robotics are the next step forward in the packaging industry and WestRock PMA Systems are at the forefront.

WestRock PMA have partnered with Siemens and KUKA to create Industrie 4.0 smart factory systems. A typical system consists of a compact robot loader, capable of picking and placing products into required packaging, before sealing the package and applying product information labels, which connects to a digital twin. Siemens digital tools can include a virtual twin of the robot loader. The benefits of the digital twin include the reduction of time required in test as most of the machine testing can be done in the simulated twin. Digital information about the machine can be shared via secure cloud-based portals making fault finding quick and simple. The machine can send messages to the portal stating the type of fault allowing engineers to act immediately on potential problems, even whilst they’re off-site. WestRock PMA Packaging Systems design and manufacture packaging machines and fully integrated automated packaging lines that are ‘Industrie 4.0’ smart factory ready. WestRock PMA automated packaging machines and systems are suitable for packing all types of shelf-ready and retail-ready packaged products. Ask us how we can maximise your profit and productivity with WestRock PMA Industrie 4.0.