iCon Conveyor

iCon – Intelligently convey your products in multiple directions


Divide, Merge, Transfer or Turn without rails or guards

No External Moving Rails = No Guarding Requirements
Lateral movement of product is achieved without the use of external moving guide rails or gates and therefore eliminates the need for external guarding

No Guarding Required = Improved Access
Given no external guarding is required, operators benefit from having unobstructed access to the whole conveying area

Improved Access = Reduced Maintenance Times
Cleaning and routine maintenance can be undertaken efficiently and effectively

Reduced Maintenance Times = Reliable Performance
equipment performance and longevity can be ensured

iCon can be supplied at a width and length to suit application and configured to accommodate either single or multiple in feed and out feed lanes

Delicate Handling
delicate products can be redirected without risk of damage or deformation

Space Saving
iCon typically requires a smaller installation footprint than alternative systems

Fast Throughput
Alternative solutions typically hold product in accumulation whilst gates or rails switch position, iCon transfers product in transit, with no such hesitations, which vastly improves line efficiencies.

iCon – revolutionising conveying

The intelligent iCon conveying system, jointly developed by AlphaChase and  Linkx Systems, revolutionises accurate product positioning. 

With iCon, the options for product positioning are endless, they include lateral movement across the conveyor, rotation, merging, diverting and gaping without the need for conventional diverters or guides.

iCon uses a multi-directional roller top conveyor belt from System Plast, which is made up of multiple cells, each containing a freely rotating ball.

These freely rotating balls are driven by intelligently controlled underside belts that provide precise control of direction and speed.

iCon has no readily accessible moving parts, making it safer and more cost effective. iCon has less guarding or rails than conventional conveyors, which improves access and reduces related costs still further.

iCon’s modular design and ease of operational parameter reprogramming makes installation and maintenance incredibly fast and reduces any downtime.

With a smaller footprint than traditional conveyors and considerably smaller transfer areas, iCon can be used in areas previously considered impractical.

Primarily designed for use with flat-bottomed products, iCon is ideally suited to end-of-line applications in the food and beverage sector and warehousing applications, but iCon allows almost any form of product motion to be achieved to meet needs of the end user.

See iCon in action >


Lateral Movement
Using one or more driven belts positioned beneath and perpendicular to the main belt, product can be accurately and effortlessly moved laterally in order to achieve lane merging, dividing, switching or rejection. When coupled with inspection devices, product can be routed or rejected as required.

Vary Product Pitching
By utilisation of driven belts positioned beneath and inline to the main belt, product can be separated or closed. This is particularly useful for application of self-adhesive labels or providing an accumulation buffer.

Rotation of Moving Product
By utilisation of driven belts positioned beneath and inline to the main belt, product rotation can be achieved, particularly useful for in feed/discharge to packaging equipment or palletisation systems.

Rotation of Stationary Product
Using a rotating disc beneath the main belt, product rotation can be achieved, particularly useful for inspection systems.



  • Product Types Primarily designed for flat bottomed packaging
  • with a minimum footprint 80mm x 80mm
  • Main Belt Belt 25.4mm pitch x 8.7mm blue acetal material
  • Roller Ball Ø12.7mm x 25.4 crs blue polyamide
  • Max Load Belt 9.000 N/m – 617 lbs/ft. Roller Ball 0.5Kg per ball
  • Belt Width Min 229mm – Max 1220mm
  • Main Drive SEW Eurodrive geared motor unit
  • Underside Belt Polyester endless
  • Underside Drive(s) Interoll synchronous drive drum(s)
  • Main Construction Powder coated mild steel or 304 stainless steel
  • PLC Control Allen Bradley as standard
  • (Please consult our design team regarding your application for alternatives)