Factory Packaging

Linkx Packaging Systems manufacture machines and integrated lines for shelf-ready packaging.
Our smart factory automation solutions will maximise your production and profits.

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Warehouse Packing

Linkx warehouse industry knowledge encompasses B2B and B2C dispatch in eCommerce and warehousing 3PL.
We can produce automated lines and systems that reduce material, transport and labour costs.

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Repack Packing

Linkx labour saving semi-automatic re-packing solutions for Contract Pack and 3PL companies.
Unload bulk products using automation, then manually load multi-packs and finally re-package using end of line packaging automation.

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Bespoke Packaging

Knowledge and expert advise for bespoke packaging solutions.
Linkx services include: consultation, design, manufacture, installation, control & safety and industry 4.0 upgrades.

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Linkx Systems design and manufacture packaging automation machinery for Transit and Shelf-ready packaging applications, from single order dispatch systems to fully integrated warehouse dispatch packaging automation.

Our broad knowledge of product handling and use of leading smart factory technology allow us to develop bespoke, environment friendly packaging solutions based on proven standard machines.

Our experience covers end-of-line and transit packaging applications ranging from Frozen and Dry Foods, Home care and Pharmaceuticals through to Warehouse dispatch, picking and packing, 3PL and contract re-packing.

We work closely with our customers to maximise efficiency, productivity and profit by providing full consultancy, high quality machinery and top class service support.

Linkx Packaging Systems standard range of factory packaging automation machinery includes:

Linkx Systems Bespoke Automation

As well as standard packaging machines we are also able to provide bespoke packaging automation solutions tailored to your product requirements.

We also offer a wide range of services that include: Design and Manufacture, Integration and Installation, Refurbishment and Overhauls, HMI, Control and Safety Upgrades, future-proofing operations with Smart Factory – Industry 4.0 and IoT ready upgrades.