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The Linkx Tray and Carton Erector System

The Linkx Systems Tray and Carton Erector leaves the competition behind. With an impressive output of up to 60 trays per minute; The tray erector system design is modular to allow multiple variants with maximum flexibility. The standard Tray Erector models are the TF500 and TF750, with changepart tools for each size of tray or carton. They can run high walled trays, low walled trays, shelf ready trays (high back and low fronted trays) and Pizza style cartons. There are also options for larger framed machines, horizontal and vertical magazines for either compact footprint or high capacity board starage. The tray formers can be adjustable within reasonable limits and ultimately the erecting system is capable of running multiple size trays or cases on demand at random. This is typically used in B2C  applications and single order dispatch from warehouses. If you would prefer to continue using hand erect trays we can supply a derivative of the system with no hot melt glue, which will machine erect tab lock trays …

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The Linkx Case Erector System

The Linkx Case Erector system is flexible, fast and consistent with servo technology for repeatable operation; The Case Erector System is generally for high speed case erecting and fully integrated loading. The modular system starts at 15 cycles per minute but can be adapted to to run at speeds of up to 40 cases per minute. The integrated servo technology gives not only high speed capability, but has complete repeatability and consistency. Incorporating either a 2 gun hot melt glue system or a taping head, the machine gives a fast and reliable closure to the bottom of the box again with total repeatability…

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