What Size Pallet Wrapper Do I Need?

Siat-F1-Pallet-WrapperThere are several different sizes of pallet, which require a pallet wrapper with a different size of turntable – here is our simple guide.

If the pallet is too large for the turntable it will over hang the table edge, causing a safety issue as stated by BS EN 415-6:2006+A1:2009 which declares that the load must not overhang the rotary table. This is to prevent injury caused by overhanging rotating loads and also maintains a consistent quality wrap.

The table below shows the standard pallet sizes and the turntable diameters required.

Pallet model and size. Turntable size needed
Euro Pallet     800x1000mm 1500mm
Chep (UK) Pallet  1000x1200mm 1650mm
1200² Pallet  1200x1200mm 1800mm

There is also a possibility of having a 2200mm turntable if required, and the WR series of robot wrappers can wrap loads of an infinite size.

So it may seem easiest to just go for the biggest pallet wrapper, then pallet size is not an issue. Potentially, but by knowing what size pallets you will wrap you can choose the right machine to wrap your pallets at the best price, and keep floor space to a minimum.

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