What is Shelf-Ready Packaging?

“Shelf-Ready Packaging” is fast becoming a common term in the packaging business. But what actually is it?

shelf-ready-product-packaging-machinery imageShelf-ready Packaging is a form of cutting out the middle man in a production line. Self-Ready Packaging means preparing a product so it may be placed straight onto a supermarket shelf or in a store, ready for sale, with out having to unwrap it from transport packaging, and without having to make it look presentable.

So what’s a Shelf-Ready Machine?

Therefore a Shelf-Ready Machine, is one which takes loose product and prepares it for sale. This includes everything from grouping the products, erecting a tray or carton, placing the grouped product onto the tray or carton, closing the carton or shrink wrapping ready for transportation. Making the product ready for sale as soon as it arrives in store.

So how does that benefit your business?

Shelf-ready packaging effectively cuts out the middle man who I like to call “Mr. Wasted Time”. Wasted time leads to unnecessary labor costs and so costs you more money. Shelf-Ready Packaging machines provide a fast, cost effective, solution. They cut down on labor costs, combined with low running costs and a high output, self-ready packaging machines are a win win for everyone, and a machine for the future.

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