BoxSizer®, a part of the Linkx Group, took their new Intelligent Random Boxsizer to the IntraLogistex 2015 award ceremony in March, which was hosted in Coventry. Whilst attending the Boxsizer was judged by a team made up of top senior industry specialists, including senior engineering and facilities managers from leading retailers. This team were looking for outstanding products and services, focusing on; innovation, return on investment, efficiency improvement, contribution to safety, environmental improvement, outstanding design and service excellence.

Linkx Systems, were nominated for two awards; Packaging, Warehouse Infrastructure and Services, for their innovative Random Boxsizer. The Intelligent Random Boxsizer, was specifically designed for eCommerce and online shopping fulfilment in which random, single, multiple, loose or grouped products need to be automatically packaged for dispatch to the consumer. This provides an excellent Business to Consumer (B2C) system which can be easily integrated into any warehouse operation. The aim of the Random Boxsizer is to reduce the volume of random food print boxes with goods inside. It measures the empty volume of a loaded box, adjusts itself to cut, crease and fold the box to suit the goods within. This can lead to, up to an 80% void reduction, creating huge savings in both shipping and transportation costs. With the recent increase in both shipping and warehousing costs this helps the customer’s bottom line. Similarly there has been a recent increase in the number of carrier companies charging by a combination of both product volume and weight, rather than product weight alone (DIM Weight). This means businesses are being charged money to distribute items which have a void, consequently they are paying for the transportation of fresh air.

The Intelligent Random Boxsizer stops that. It is fully customisableIntralogistex award with options for, bagging and sealing, including; gluing, taping and strapping. In our opinion everybody needs a Boxsizer. This was something the team of judges agreed with as they awarded Linkx Systems BoxSizer®, with IntraLogistex Packaging Award 2015, and the IntraLogistex Warehouse Infrastructure and Services award. Leaving the Boxsizer with two uniquely valuable accolades.