Pallet Wrapper or Shrink Wrapper?

MIMG_5802any people become confused between a pallet and a shrink wrapper. Which one do they want? And what is the difference?

A shrink wrapper uses films like polyfin and pololyfin to wrap singular or collated products. These products are covered in a loose piece of film, which is generally sealed by a heated bar and then passed through a heat tunnel. The heat tunnel shrinks the film around the product forming either a completely enclosed pack or a bull’s-eye finish, which is an open ended pack typically used for transit packaging. Products can be shrink wrapped for a number of purposes; display, ease of transport, health and hygiene.


A pallet wrapper wraps palletised goods. A turntable pallet wrapperinvolves the pallet being placed onto the turntable; the film is then attached to the pallet. The turntable will spin, causing the pallet to turn, effectively wrapping itself. A rotary tower machine on the other hand; the pallet is placed into the centre of the machine the machine arm then rotates around the stationary pallet, wrapping the pallet in film. A Pallet wrapper in comparison to a shrink wrapper uses stretch film, which can stretch to up to 300% when using a powered pre-stretch film carriage. Pallet wrapping decreases the likelihood of products being damaged and straps large groups of product to each other and then to the pallet. This allows for easy transportation, increases safety and reduces the amount of lost product.