NEW Linkx Group Created with Hard Work and Dedication

Since the foundations of the company were laid, Linkx Packaging Systems has sustained an impressive growth within the packaging sector, now incorporating the Linkx Group.

Linkx Packaging systems was first founded in 2007 by engineers David Hayward and Doug Reilly, who began their conquest in a shed on Earsham Park Farm. From their own rural corner of the country they began to design and develop bespoke packaging machinery with their very own Linkx family of 6 employees.

“When we started, it was just Doug and I in a shed,” says David, “but we were soon getting so many orders that we had to take on staff and move into four sheds!” By 2009 the company had grown too big for its roots, with the demand for Linkx Systems machines and increasing employees, David and Doug were forced to uproot and relocate to larger premises.

Later that year Linkx adopted and they became UK distributors of Siat machinery, which complimented their own shelf-ready packaging range. That year the company turnover increased by 400%. The company were forced to expand again due to the rapid increase in turnover and substantial number of new orders. They continued to grow, moving into two additional units to accompany their 5000ft² Suffolk based premises.

Since then Linkx packaging systems has not let up, nor slowed down. “By Taking advantage of modern automation technology, Linkx Systems offer machines at competitive prices that outperform the current market leaders.” Says David. In 2010 company turnover reached £1.4 million, “It’s hard to believe we used to work from a pig farm.” David added.

In 2012 an idea struck, and Boxsizer was born. But the Intelligent Boxsizer was created at Linkx Packaging Systems before it’s time, the innovative machine sat waiting for the opportune moment to present itself. That time is now!

“The idea of Boxsizer was actually born at an exhibition that we attended, through listening to our customers’ requirements. They said they had a problem, and we said lets fix it!” Says David.

Since the recent increase in the number of couriers converting to dim weight measurements, more and more companies have been looking for a solution to their packaging problems. The problem is they are using packaging that is too big for the product within, resulting in large companies being charged millions more than is needed, as they are shipping fresh air.

The Boxsizer was such a success that it has since formed its own company within the Linkx Group. Box Sizer Ltd. now distributes its innovative machines worldwide, with recent orders from America and Australia equating to £1.5 million in the last few months.

Earlier this year, Linkx Engineering was established in order to assist both new and existing customers with machine overhaul and upgrades. By combining the three companies with Linkx Engineering, the Linkx Group could provide additional service on both new and existing packaging machinery.

Linkx Engineering was introduced to allow Linkx Packaging Systems, to offer great service and maintenance on the customers packaging machines. Linkx Engineering combines over 300 years of experience in the design, engineering and servicing of new and old packaging machinery, providing their customers with high quality machines and an even better breakdown and refurbishment service.


“The partnership that we have with our customers has really become a huge part to our success,” David explains, “without the feedback and communication from them we wouldn’t have progressed to where we are now.”

Now in 2015 we are presented with the Linkx Group; Linkx Packaging Systems,, BoxSizer® and Linkx Engineering. The Linkx Group now offers a range of standard machinery, specialising in their range of Shelf-Ready packaging machines, which are suitable for factory production and distribution straight into supermarkets and the Boxsizer is suited for both warehouse dispatch and eCommerce. With machine demand increasing every year the Linkx Group is looking to further develop their home branch in Suffolk.

“Hard work and dedication, says David, that’s the key to our success. We have worked our way up from rock bottom with the help of all of our staff, we are continuously expanding. Doug and I, and the whole Linkx team, have worked hard from day one, we were all dedicated to providing the world with new, innovative, quality packaging machines that would benefit their companies and now that’s exactly what we are doing.”