Müller has WestRock APS Tray Erector in its corner

Muller logoThe exceptionally small footprint of WestRock APS TF Tray Erector made it a very attractive proposition for Müller Dairy when the company recently decided to increase the level of automation in its repack area. But size wasn’t the only reason Müller Dairy chose the WestRock APS machine – its excellent performance, high build quality and unrivalled value for money were also taken into account in the strongly contested and very competitive selection process.

In the repack area where the new carton erector is installed, Müller Dairy receives products – including it famous Müller Corner ranges – in single-flavour cases and repacks them into to the mixed-flavour cases that are favoured by many smaller retail outlets. Space in the re-pack area is at a premium, so a small footprint was an important requirement for the tray erector. Versatility was also essential, as the machine is required to handle many different sizes of tray, and it was also crucial for the machine operator to be able to select the required tray size quickly and easily.
Muller_Fruit_Corner_Strawberry image

Müller Fruit Corner, one of the many product lines packaged by the WestRock APS TFS750 Try Erector

The WestRock APS TFS750 Tray Erector, which can handle almost any type of board tray blank up to A3 size, was the ideal choice for this application as it is not only unusually compact, it also features a touchscreen interface for size changes. Convenient and fast to use, this intuitive interface also virtually eliminates the risk of operator errors.
Bryan Jones for Müller says “The WestRock APS Tray Erector has been a welcome addition to our facility. It’s flexible, easy to maintain and operate, with a compact footprint, making the WestRock APS TFS750 Tray Erector the ideal option. Over the past year this unit has proven to be a cost effective and reliable addition”
The tray erector supplied to Müller Dairy uses Siemens high reliability servo drives and controls for all major motion axes. This arrangement allows the machine to achieve a throughput of 40 trays per minute, even when the largest trays are being used, and also helps to keep running costs to a minimum. More information