mcbride logoWhen lack of space to accommodate new equipment was making it difficult for McBride, to increase the level of automation on one of its high-volume aerosol packaging lines, a compact TFS500 tray erector from Linkx Systems proved to be the key to the solution.

The new Linkx TFS500 Tray Erector

The new Linkx TFS500

As McBride is Europe’s leading provider of private label household and personal care products, they needed a solution to here problem fast. In the past, tray erection and packing on the aerosol line had both been manual operations, but with the demand for its products growing consistently, McBride was seeking a more efficient automated solution. However, this at first seemed impossible, as tray erectors of the type already in use on the site were far too large to fit into the available space.

When the problem was explained to Linkx Systems, however, the company suggested a solution based on its new TFS500 tray erector. Designed specifically for end users seeking a cost-effective yet dependable machine with a throughput of up to 30 trays per minute, the TFS500 features exceptionally compact construction, and takes up less space than two manual packing operatives.

Despite its diminutive dimensions, the machine has a modern PLC-based control system and a touch-screen operator interface, which makes it exceptionally easy to use. It also offers fast, straightforward changeover between the two tray sizes that are in use on the McBride aerosol line. In addition, because the actuators used to transport and form the trays are positioned below the machine, there is excellent access to the forming area.

Linkx Systems also provided McBride with a custom designed and built in-feed conveyor system to load the aerosol cans into the tray packer. This system receives the cans in single file from the production area and uses a twin-axis servo-controlled pusher system to arrange them as either 4 x 2 cans or 4 x 3 cans, depending on the size of tray in use.

The Linkx Systems TFS500 Tray Erector and its ancillary systems have now been in use at the McBride plant for several months and have easily proved its worth in terms of increased productivity, reduced costs and total dependability.