Linkx shrink wrapper cuts costs for leading home care products manufacturer

A leading home care provider manufacturing some of the world’s best known personal care and beauty brands, is achieving significant cost reductions on product packaging with a new and innovative shrink wrapper from Linkx Systems.

Linkx Packaging Shrink wrapper imageLinkx Shrink Wrapper machine, which uses the latest Allen Bradley servo control systems to provide outstanding performance and versatility, is optimized to combine high throughput with low materials usage and minimum volume for the finished packaged.

Installed at the company’s manufacturing plant in Manchester, the new Linkx shrink wrapper handles five different sizes of toiletries. In each case, the machine collates the products into groups of six, and wraps them with a single layer of film, which it then heat shrinks to produce a compact yet robust package ready for transport and distribution to retailers.

Linkx Packaging Shrink Wrapping machine is capable of continuously producing up to 40 finished packages per minute, allowing it to keep pace with the high output from the plant’s manufacturing lines.

Since it uses only a single layer of film, it is economical to operate and, because it produces compact packages. It reduces shipping volumes and costs, enabling the customer to make further valuable savings.

With its exceptionally compact design, the new Linkx shrink-wrap machine supplied to the Manchester manufacturer occupies a minimum of valuable factory floor space.

Other key features are an intuitive operator interface, with simple menu-driven controls for product selection, maintenance and fault-finding, Ethernet connectivity that supports remote diagnostics and facilities for collecting and managing operational data.

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