Linkx Systems, one of the UK’s fastest growing and most innovative suppliers of automated packaging equipment, has signed distribution and support agreements with two leading Italian machine manufacturers – SIAT and PACTUR. Linkx is selling and supporting machines from the Italian companies alongside its own products, which are designed and built at the company’s new factory in Suffolk.

While we have the expertise and facilities to design and manufacture almost any type of machine in house,” said David Hayward, Managing Director of Linkx Systems, “there are occasions when a high-quality off-the-shelf machine is the best way of meeting our customers’ requirements. In these situations we can now offer machines from SIAT and PACTUR, two companies that have impeccable reputations for producing machines that combine quality and performance with durability and reliability.”

From SIAT, Linkx is offering automatic case erectors, with particular emphasis on machines in the new F344 range, which use electric drives on all axes to maximise versatility and throughput. Machines in the F344 range achieve throughputs of up to 18 boxes per minute, and are supplied as standard with integral storage for 150 boxes. They are easily adjusted to accommodate different box sizes, and incorporate touch-screen operator control panels with comprehensive diagnostic facilities.

Linkx principal offering from PACTUR is the Lady Pack Unica 40L automatic L-sealer, a compact and competitively priced machine capable of storing size parameters for up to 20 products for instant recall, simply by pressing a button. The Lady Pack 40L can be used with either PE or PO films without the need to change the sealer, and seals consistently in the centre of the gap between products, thereby virtually eliminating the risk of defective seals.

As well as F344 case erectors and Lady Pack 40L L-sealers, Linkx can also supply other machines from SIAT and PACTUR ranges to suit specific customer requirements. In addition, the company offers a full range of support services, including maintenance and repairs as well as the supply of spares and consumables, not only for the SIAT and PACTUR machines it has supplied, but also for machines that have been supplied by other companies.