An innovative and cost-effective Linkx gantry palletiser, which occupies no more space than a typical manual palletising station, has proved ideally suited to meet the needs of Huegli, a global food supplier with international expertise, at its UK plant in Redditch.

Huegli’s key requirements for the new palletiser, which handles outers of a range of powdered food products, were that it should be compact, as space to accommodate it was very limited, yet offer high performance levels and be easy to upgrade as the already strong demand for the company’s products continues to grow.

The new Linkx gantry palletiser meets these requirements in every respect. The basic machine has a footprint of just 1,850 x 2,350 mm, yet is capable of handling both Euro and Chep pallets. It operates at up to 15 movements per minute, and incorporates facilities for automatic pallet pattern calculation and set up with manual adjustment, to ensure that it delivers optimum results over a wide range of product sizes.

Size changes are fast and straightforward, and simple, clear controls ensure that the machine is easy to use and that downtime is minimised. The control system, which uses the latest microprocessor-based technology from leading suppliers, incorporates as standard a comprehensive diagnostic system and Ethernet connectivity for remote support

The basic version of the new Linkx gantry palletiser, as supplied to Huegli, is designed for loading and unloading with a simple pallet truck, but its modular design means that it can be upgraded easily and inexpensively. Additional options include conveyors, layer pad and pallet dispensers, and facilities for automatic stretch wrapping.