Linkx cuts postal costs for DVD distribution

Linkx Carton Erector | Carton Erecting Machine

Linkx Carton Erector | Carton Erecting Machine

Carton erectors and closers supplied by Linkx Systems for use on two new packaging lines are playing an important role in helping one of the UK’s largest mail order suppliers of CDs and DVDS, to minimise its postal costs. This is a particularly important requirement for the company as it offers its customers free UK delivery on all items.

Linkx Systems developed and manufactured the new machines specifically for the application.

The carton erectors supplied by Linkx Systems for the new packaging lines, prepare pizza style mailing cartons to receive up to two CDs or DVDs. The products needed to fulfil each customer order are placed in the cartons by hand, after which the cartons pass to the closer. This has been specially designed to ensure that the thickness of the finished and sealed carton is less than 25 mm, thereby avoiding the much higher postal charges that apply to thicker packages.

Like all Linkx Systems machines, the carton erectors and closers supplied to use precision servo control for all major motion axes, and incorporate a programmable controller – in this case a Rockwell Automation unit – for overall control of machine operation. This arrangement not only provides dependable operation and high throughput, but also offers maximum flexibility to cope with changes in end user requirements.

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