Versatility, high throughput and the ability to work reliably with non-standard jars were among the key requirements for a new packaging line needed by one of Germany’s largest producers of freeze-dried coffee. And the company found that Linkx Systems, the leading UK-based developer and manufacturer of packaging machinery, was the supplier best able to meet these needs.

The packaging line supplied by Linkx Systems, which delivers shelf-ready product, comprises a single-lane tray erector, a two-lane tray loader and a two-lane shrink wrapper. It can handle a tray sizes from 150 mm x 220 mm to 350 mm x 530 mm, with depths from 25 mm to 60 mm. Changeovers between tray sizes are fast and highly automated, and are controlled from a touch-screen operator terminal that also provides a detailed display of machine operating parameters and status.

A continuous throughput capacity of 40 trays per minute is offered – almost double that of more conventional machines. Another key innovation is the novel tabletop sweep system used by the tray loaders, which enables them to handle oval and other non-standard jars without the risk of jamming that is a common problem with standard designs that rely on guides.

Developed from the outset to offer convenient, dependable and repeatable operation, the packaging line features an open design throughout, allowing easy access for cleaning and maintenance.