With carriage costs now frequently dependent on the volume as well as the weight of packages, the new and innovative intelligent random Boxsizer® from Linkx Systems makes it easy to achieve substantial savings.

When presented with packed boxes, the Boxsizer® automatically measures the height of the contents of each box, then cuts and creases the box to suit, thereby ensuring that the shipping volume – and carriage costs – are minimised. A further important benefit is that, as the box is accurately sized to suit the content, the need for packing material is also reduced.BoxSizer® eCommerce Smart Case Sizer image

The machine, which is ideally suited for use in mail-order warehouses and the order fulfilment operations of on-line retailers, is capable of working with boxes presented in random sizes and is compatible with almost any type and size of box content.

Dependable operation and high accuracy are ensured by the use of a high-performance sensor system for measuring box content, while the machine’s servo-controlled motion systems allow it to achieve consistently high throughput.

The new Linkx Systems random box sizes uses a flexible design that allows it to be customised easily to suit specific customer requirements and can be readily integrated into existing and new packaging lines.