Beyond the Box Campaign promotes packaging sustainability

As UK consumers increasingly worry about the affects of plastic on the environment, Beyond the Box reassure them with a campaign promoting the use of corrugate cardboard.

As plastic packaging continues to become more and more unpopular with British consumers a new campaign has been launched to promote the benefits of choosing corrugated cardboard as a packaging solution. Experts from a number of leading UK packaging companies have been brought together a part of the initiative to help consumers to learn about the most sustainable packaging option for the UK. Following the popularity of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II, Britain has entered an uprising in which plastic packaging is frowned upon and avoided when possible. Briton’s have taken note as report show that two thirds of the public are concerned about packaging and the types of materials that are being used. Beyond The Box Campaign image The government have introduced new policies and encouraged leading retailers to move to plastic free packaging as the effect of packaging on the environment remains at the forefront of customer’s minds. The spokesman for the ‘Beyond the Box’ campaign, Andrew Barnetson, explains, “Interest and concern about the UK’s packaging supply chain has never been higher. This new report from ‘Beyond the Box’ shows packaging is a subject which has shot up everyone’s agendas. Britons are changing the way they shop and make purchasing decisions, major high street retailers are reducing their use of single-use packaging and the Prime Minister has vowed to eliminate the UK’s avoidable plastic waste by 2042.”
“Our research shows that no type of packaging is immune from criticism, so it is vital that we help to inform the debate. There is a fantastic opportunity for a sustainable, renewable and recyclable material like corrugated cardboard to play a leading role in helping consumers, government and industry reach exacting targets that are being set to improve the UK’s record on – and ultimately ease consumer concern about – packaging. This is a pivotal moment for the UK packaging industry and ‘Beyond the Box’ will help to ensure that corrugated has a clear role in helping to find the solutions we all seek.”
Beyond the Box has created a dedicated resource – – which will help consumers, media and retailers learn more about what makes corrugated cardboard special – and the UK’s sustainable packaging choice. The campaign will aim to re-shape Britain’s approach to packaging, educating the nation about the effects of their packaging choices and inspiring Britons to take action.

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