Need to collate your cartons quicker?

A throughput of 300 cartons per minute – up to 60% more than conventional machines – makes the new Matrix side-feed collating and shrink-wrapping machines from Linkx Systems the perfect choice for use in today’s food packaging applications where efficiency and productivity are key issues.

And high throughput is by no means all that the innovative Matrix machines have to offer. Equally suitable for use with frozen, chilled or ambient-temperature products, they provide multi-size collation capabilities with fast repeatable one-touch size change, and low-stress carton handling that eliminates the risk of product damage. In addition, packs from Matrix machines are stronger and more robust than those produced by conventional machines, allowing improved pallet utilisation.

The key to the exceptional performance of the Matrix machines is a novel control system that incorporates a powerful programmable controller, a precision ten-axis servo system and energy-efficient variable speed drives. Linkx Systems has configured the servo system to operate as an electronic cam, which allows stresses on the cartons to be minimised, and which also facilitates rapid product changeovers that minimise machine downtime.

Using the Matrix machines is straightforward and convenient thanks to the provision of a colour touch-screen operator interface. This makes it easy for users to create product, batch and volume “recipes” which can then be selected simply by touching the screen. The interface also provides fast and easy access to current and historical production data, and to the machine’s powerful diagnostic functions.

Suitable for use with cartons from 130 x 90 x 25 mm to 225 x 180 x 60 mm, Matrix machines are modular, so they can always be configured to accurately match the user’s needs.