Packaging Robotics

Here at Linkx Packaging Systems we can provide standard, adaptable robotic packaging solutions that can be fully integrated into warehouse dispatch or current shelf-ready packaging systems.

Linkx Packaging systems have been appointed a KUKA Robotics systems partner for the 3rd year in a row. This partnership with KUKA Robotics Germany allows us to offer an extensive range of standard robotic packaging solutions, such as; palletising, case packing and tray loading. KUKA Supply us with a suitable sized robotic systems which we integrate and program to suit a shelf-ready packaging or warehouse dispatch solution.

We design and manufacture standard gripper head styles which can be individually adapted to suit any product specification. By individually tailoring gripper heads to suit any product type means that robotic systems can be used to packaging anything from small, delicate and fragile ornaments, to large, heavy and clumsy aggregates, with no problem at all.

Due to the intelligent software of KUKA’s robots, they can flexibly perform multiple movements with both speed and exact precision. Robotic packaging systems improve both efficiency and performance within the packaging and warehouse distribution industries, providing you with sustainable, future-proof solutions.

Robotic Tray/Case Packer

The Linkx  Carton packer is a fast and hassle-free way to load your products into boxes ready for distribution. Our robotic Case packer is designed to reduce supply chain costs and manual labour. It automatically packs your product into cases, ready for distribution. These standard shelf-ready machines are fully customisable to suit any product type.

Robotic Palletiser

A single cell robotic palletiser can operate up to 20 cycles per minute, depending on the product and gripper selection. This makes faster than a normal gantry palletiser, which saves you time and money. Our palletisers are fully automatic, and can move with the same accuracy, speed and precision, no matter the size of the robot or the product.

Linkx Packaging Robotics Aggregate Loading Gripper image