Tray Erector Range

The Linkx TF Range - Tray Erectors that integrate beautifully with any line.

Our TF Tray Erector range leaves the competition behind.

Our innovative designs provide exceptional consistency, compact footprint, easy size changes, outstanding speed of up to 100 per minute and even faster payback.

The entire standard TF model range is designed to be future proof, allowing customisation, in many cases retro-fit, to suit exact production and integration requirements for sustainability and maximum ROI.

TF Tray Erector model range at a glance

Model Speed CPM Closure Tray Type Max Blank Size Technology
TFP500 Up to 30 Glue FEFCO 500mm2 Pneumatic
TFS500 Up to 100 Glue FEFCO 500mm2 Servo
TFP750 Up to 20 Glue FEFCO 750mm2 Pneumatic
TFS750 Up to 50 Glue FEFCO 750mm2 Servo
TFP1000 Up to 15 Glue FEFCO 1000mm2 Pneumatic
TFS1000 Up to 25 Glue FEFCO 1000mm2 Servo
TFP750-P Up to 15 Glue Produce Tray 750mm2 Pneumatic
TFS750-P Up to 25 Glue Produce Tray 750mm2 Servo
TFP1000-P Up to 10 Glue Produce Tray 1000mm2 Pneumatic
TFS1000-P Up to 20 Glue Produce Tray 1000mm2 Servo

Flexibility and future proof

The Linkx Tray Erector and Carton Erector system design is modular to allow multiple variants with maximum flexibility. The standard models are the TF500 and TF750, with change part tools for each size of tray or carton. They can run high walled trays, low walled trays and shelf ready trays (high back and low fronted trays) and Pizza style cartons. There are also options for larger framed machines, horizontal and vertical magazines for either compact footprint or high capacity board st0rage. The formers can be adjustable within reasonable limits and ultimately the system is capable of running multiple size trays on demand at random. This is typically used in B2C  applications and single order dispatch from warehouses. If you would prefer to continue using hand erect trays we can supply a derivative of the system with no hot melt glue, which will machine erect crash lock trays.

High output, Great Value, Low Maintenance

The Linkx Erector system range starts with the electro-pneumatic version with operating speeds of up to 35 trays per minute. Using this entry level technology, we can offer our machines at a competitive price to ensure you get the best value on your investment. Our machines are designed with maintenance in mind and it is a priority to ensure that upkeep is simple, quick and easy. We now offer an upgrade from the entry level machine to a servo driven machine which incorporates servo technology, to increase output speed and to decrease running costs.

Worth the investment

The Linkx carton / tray erector upgrade incorporates Servo Controls which allows the machine to produce an output of up to 100 trays per minute. This upgrade will cost an added extra, but with an output speed that our entry level machine cannot match, it is definitely worth the price. You can start with the servo model or upgrade as your needs require. This servo machine achieves a greater output speed, whilst reducing running costs; one for the future.

High Reliability

The system is UK designed and built for 24/7 operating environments, with full diagnostic system and Ethernet connectivity for remote support as standard.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact design for small footprint production environments.
  • Low cost, high specification modular construction for future upgrades and specification changes.
  • Hirel components from Rockwell / Siemens / Kuka partnership.
  • Simple and quick size change facility for faster set up times.
  • Simple, clear controls for ease of operator use and reduced downtime.
  • Clear guard panels for ease of production monitoring and safety.
  • 270° discharge choice

Mechanical Specification

  • Machine Speed: Up to 60 trays per minute
  • Servo Actuation
  • Easy & Quick size changes
  • Large capacity board magazine options
  • 2 gun hot melt system
  • HMI panel with touch screen for ‘recipe information system’
  • Table Top design
  • Discharge conveyer
  • Fully compatible with automatic tray loader


  • Vertical or horizontal card magazine
  • Rockwell / Siemens Controls
  • Nordson / Preo or Mellor Hot melt glue system or Crash lock system for hand erect trays
  • Inline and right angle discharge
  • Change part or adjustable forming tools
  • On demand multiple size tray forming
  • Conveyors
  • Automatic tray and carton Loading
  • Robotic tray and carton erecting and loading

Board Specification

  • Tray Styles: Low Walled, High Walled, Shelf Ready, 90 degree corners and mitred tray corners, pizza style cartons, crash lock
  • Materials: Fibre board and fluted corrugate
  • Fefco Styles: Typically 0300, 0301, 0415 and 0420 but the system can be adapted to suit most 03 and 04 fefco style ranges.

Technical Specification

  • Speed: Up to 60 Trays per minute
  • TF 500 Standard Model: 500mm x 500mm board blank
  • TF 750 Standard Model: 750mm x 750mm board blank
  • Standard Board Magazine Stack height : 1000mm
  • Standard Board loading height: 1020mm
  • Standard Tray Out feed height: 400mm
  • Sample Power Consumption: 11Kw
  • Air Supply: 5.5bar, 226litres per minute, 1/2″ BSP connection
  • Net Weight: 500Kg
  • Specific Components: Rockwell Controls, SMC Pneumatics
  • Colour: RAL 7035 Grey