Collating Options

Product handling is generally the part of your machine that may be a little different.  Product shape, tempearture, weight,  slip characteristics, material and labels all need consideration when grouping primary packages together before creating a product group for transit or shelf ready packaging.

All our collators can be used for bags, cartons, bottles, containers, sachet and media in conjunction with tray loading, shrink wrapping or Case loading prior to palletisation.


Gating can take the form of a simple clamp and pressure relief stop, to a multilane collation grouping system…

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Dividers are used to create two or more lanes from a single stream product infeed. Simple one to two lane devices are often pneumatic, but for accuracy of the delivery into multi lanes, servo actuation is often better…

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Some products need to be handled in exactly the same orientation as they were when first produced, i.e bakery products such as quiches, pies, cakes etc. Where products like these need to be collated into a transit compliment, stacking is the way to go…

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Product orientation often forms the critical part of the final transit or shelf ready pack. This may take the form of a starwheel or a simple twisting device….

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Pick & Place

Gantry type pick and place systems may be used to pick single products, single rows of product or full collations and place into a dispatch case or shelf ready tray…

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Robotic systems take many forms, working in conjunction with our robotics supply partner Kuka, we are able to offer a system with a gripper to suit your requirements…

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