Carton, Case and Tray Loading

Pick & Place

Where the relative speeds permit, the collation can actually be formed as part and parcel of the loading operation. Whether by robot or other means, it generally involves placing the products in a part or full collation order into a carton or case. Perhaps the ultimate example is in fact the palletiser, where each pack forms part of a collated layer and each layer forms part of the final pallet compliment.

Top Loader

As the name implies, this machine is used to load cardboard cases. The differential is almost always the product itself. For example: bottles will be either top or bottom loaded, Cartons maybe either top, bottom or indeed side loaded, sachets and bags are almost always top loaded.

To comply with these variations the case loading machine can be designed to present the case in a manner most suitable for the products and their in feed and final case formats. Unless specifically designed to do otherwise, most case erectors make the case, close its bottom and tape or glue it, before discharging the open topped case to the loader.

Side Loader

Most case erectors make the case, close its bottom and tape or glue it, before then discharging the open topped case to the loader. for the side loader the case must be tipped onto its side and the mechanics for doing this are relatively simple. Common to all loading machines is some form of case flap retainer which ensures that the product has a totally unimpeded package into the case. If side loaded, the tipping assembly needs only to reverse to dispatch the case in the correct orientation for top closing and sealing.

Robotic Case/Tray Packer

Flexible, precise, programmable

Our Robotic Tray/Case packer allows you to automatically pack product into pre-erected, lined or unlined corrugated trays or cases. With a robotic palletiser your product can be stacked in any orientation, within your container, allowing for shelf-ready packing and reducing supply chain costs. Due to the continuous motion of the Robotic Tray/Case packer there is no need for an operator reducing labour and maintenance costs as well as health hazards. The user interface is friendly allowing for quick and repeatable size changes. The Linkx Systems Robotic Carton loader is fully adjustable and upgradable.  KUKA‘s precise, 6 axis servo-controlled automatic tool change over and interchangeable tooling, gives the Robotic machine flexibility, over the original tray/case packer, to handle multiple product sizes. The adjustable pick and place tools allow for accurate product placement every time. Our Robotic packer has a compact footprint allowing for an efficient usage of floor space.